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Personal Development and Pre-Transition Workshops

Lou Meadows, our Player Development and Transition Manager, is delivering a range of personal development presentations and pre-transition workshops for Trailfinders Rugby Academy and Henley College students. This week she held valuable introductory Pre-Transition talks at Henley College with their male and female rugby students.

Signposting the significance of pursuing an academic or alternative pathway off the pitch, Lou discussed the inevitable risks of playing a contact sport, the exciting but also harsh realities of becoming a professional athlete and the impending moment of having to hang the boots up at some point. 

Lou states

"The earlier we can influence and highlight the importance of having options available to players, by exemplifying the need to work as hard off the pitch in their personal development as on it in their rugby, the easier it will be for them to navigate the transition through and potentially out of the sport whenever that time may come. Being able to have these honest conversations with the U18 playing group is a fundamental part of not only their player welfare and future well-being within the sport but also in ensuring they are considering and recognising all options available alongside their pursuit of a full-time contract." 

This is a unique opportunity for players at this age to start these conversations early and receive ongoing support in their off pitch development as a part of the rugby programme. Ealing Trailfinders are pivotal in recognising the need to better prepare rugby players for life after the sport, their parternships with Education providers Henley College and Higer Education Institutions like Brunel University are a great step towards achieving this. 

If you are interested in being part of the Rugby Programme at Henley College please email tred@henleycol.ac.uk or our Trailfinders Rugby Academy academy@etprm.com